The Signature Dishes At Our Mexican Restaurant

Choosing a restaurant for lunch or dinner can be overwhelming. With so many Mexican restaurants in Tucson, it can be difficult to figure out which is going to be the best. One way to help you determine where to dine out is to look at signature dishes. These are unique to each restaurant, and really show off what makes that restaurant special. At Guadalajara's Grill & Tequila Bar, we have a variety of signature dishes. These include traditional Mexican classics with a Guads twist as well as modern dishes unique to our restaurant.

These are just a few of our Mexican restaurant’s signature dishes:

Flaming Fajitas

One thing that sets us apart from our competitors is that we not only offer amazing food, but also an unforgettable experience. Our flaming fajitas are one example of this. Fajitas are a classic Mexican food dish, and we always make sure that we make our fajitas with high-quality meat and fresh grilled vegetables. However, we go beyond a delicious meal.

When you order one of our fajitas, you have the option to upgrade to a Tequila Flambé Fajita. You can pick a shot of any of our over 100 fine tequilas, and we will use it to set your fajita alight tableside. These sizzling tableside fajitas give you an experience with sights, sounds, and aromas that you will not soon forget.


A molcajete is a Mexican mortar and pestle made of clay. These are traditional vessels for serving Mexican cuisine, and our Mexican restaurant offers a variety of dishes served in molcajetes. These are piled high with fresh meat, seafood, and veggies. All our molcajete pots come with red bell pepper, green bell pepper, mushroom, and onions.

One of the most decadent dishes on our menu is our Molcajete Ultimo. If you can’t choose what meat you prefer, this includes chicken breast, shrimp, and steak cutlets all in one. If you are craving Mexican seafood, our Molcajete Mariscos includes scallops, shrimp, and fish. These dishes come with a side of our homemade tortillas.

Tableside Salsa

Our Mexican restaurant is perhaps most well-known for our tableside salsa. When you arrive, our salseras will come to your table dressed in traditional Mexican attire to make your salsa. We don’t serve boring salsa from a jar, but rather make our salsa right in front of you with fresh, local ingredients.

You can even choose what ingredients you do and do not want in your salsa. Our salseras will also ask you about your preferred level of heat, so you can have your tableside salsa mild, medium, or hot. We serve our tableside salsa with warm and crisp tortilla chips. The first bowl is always on us.

If you are looking for a Mexican restaurant with tasty signature dishes and an exciting ambiance, look no further than Guadalajara's Grill & Tequila Bar. Visit us at either of our two Tucson locations and see for yourself what sets us apart.