What Are Molcajetes?

“Molcajete” is the Spanish word for mortar and pestle. The name itself comes from the Aztec words meaning “seasoning” and “bowl.” However, traditional molcajetes are slightly different than your average mortar and pestle. These tools are made out of volcanic rock. Their hard, rough surface makes blending and mixing easier and also ensures you get the strongest flavors out of spices.

This ancient cooking tool gives our dishes their best flavor by making them the traditional way. A molcajete can still be found in many Mexican households. It has been used to cook recipes passed down through the generations. Many people believe that salsa, guacamole, and other traditional Mexican foods taste better when prepared using this tool.

Our Molcajete Menu

We make some of our most popular and most delicious dishes with molcajetes. Although these tools have been used to create some of the most traditional recipes, we always add our own twist to make our Mexican food unique.  

At Guads, we make our salsa tableside. You get to choose which ingredients you want and the level of heat you prefer. You also get the experience of watching your Salsera prepare salsa right in front of you using a molcajete.

 In addition to our salsa, we have four different menu options classified as molcajetes. We serve all of these dishes piled high with delicious Mexican food. All of our options come with green peppers, onions, and mushrooms and are served with a side of rice and beans along with your choice of corn or flour tortillas.

Our molcajete options: 

Molcajete Camarones

Camarones, the Spanish word for shrimp, are a staple on any mariscos menu. We have many different Mexican seafood options, including our Molcajete Camarones. This dish comes with a full half-pound of shrimp simmered in our delicious tomato sauce.

Molcajete Mariscos

If you are craving a larger variety of seafood ingredients, this dish is sure to satisfy. It features grilled scallops, shrimp, and fish. All of these are combined in our tomato and cheese sauce with bell peppers and onions. We also add some freshly squeezed lemon to intensify the flavor. This option brings all the tastes of the ocean to Tucson.

Grilled Chicken or Steak

If you prefer a more traditional option, we offer a bowl of sliced grilled steak or chicken marinated in our mild chili sauce with tomatoes and cheese. The flavors of these meats pair with the grilled vegetables to create an unforgettable combination. As always, we use only the freshest ingredients for this dish.

Molcajete Ultimo

Our Molcajete Ultimo is the perfect mix of all the flavors of land and sea. It features piping hot shrimp, grilled chicken, and steak slices mixed with peppers and onions and topped with our delicious tomato and cheese sauce. This is the perfect menu item for when you simply can’t choose between all of our delicious offerings.

Try Our Delicious Molcajetes

Guadalajara’s Grill & Tequila Bar is your best choice for authentic Mexican food as well as new, innovative dishes. We have something to fit every craving.

Visit either of our Tucson Mexican restaurants to experience our flavorful molcajetes for yourself.